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Corfu Town is the capital of the Prefecture of Corfu (Kerkyra) and the Ionian Islands region. Located in the central part of the island of Corfu on the East Coast. Its population according to the Census of 2011 is 24,600 inhabitants. Corfu Town is characterized by the strong Venetian element, but also by many English and French influences. It is a cosmopolitan city that exudes a sense of nobility, with the main attractions the great Plaza Esplanade, which is the largest square in the Balkans, the old and the new fortress, the Town Hall (theatre San Giacomo), the cannon, the MonRepos and the Byzantine and post Byzantine History Museums. Corfu is divided into the old town and the newtown.

The old city is the one that gathers the main tourist interest.
Oldcity is an impressive combination of massive forts, palaces, alleys, arches and tall Western style buildings so is best to rent a car to move around the area. Make sure your car have the asfaleia autokinitou (car insurance policies) so you don't get fined by the local police. It is also a good idea having your Social Security number handy in case of emergency. The oldest district of the city is called Kambiello and is characterized by it's very narrow streets and tall buildings. Focal point of the old town square Spianada is considered the largest square in Greece and is situated opposite the oldfortress.
The Gouvia is a village in Corfu Island of about 1100 inhabitants, at an altitude of 5 meters and belongs to the municipality of Corfu. Stretching the boundaries of the former community Kontokali as Tzabroy area. Includes the homonymous beach and the Bay of Gouvia. Some of the very best Corfu hotels are located in this area. There is the Marina, which serves for the berthing of tourist vessels and other ships. From the Marina are also itineraries with seaplanes between Corfu and Saranda, Avlonos, Paxon, Ioannina, Patras, Kefalonia, and Lefkada. In the village one can find the finest Corfu Villas, hotel rooms, accommodations, restaurants and nightclubs. The beach of Gouvia is one of the most famous beaches. Not far from the beach there is a beautiful Corfu hotel that is really worth staying there for a while. The name of the village, according to the locals, due to goby or goybioys, as they are called fish kokobioi....
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